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On 14, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In | By Suzanna

Thought Bubble: Bill McKibben

Our latest Thought Bubble is for great thinker, activist, author, and climate leader Bill McKibben, who’s also the founder of the huge climate action organization network,

In this Thought Bubble, Bill delivers a personal, moving message about his journey battling the fossil fuel industry, how it’s been given too many advantages and free passes in our system, and how we need to join what he calls the biggest fight of our time, possibly of all time.

He asks us to use a combination of spirit, passion, and creativity to fight back, and protect the future of our planet. We were so honoured to create this piece, as Bill has been someone we’ve looked up to for a long time, and was on our list of top thinkers we wanted to ‘bubblize’ this year.

Without further adieu, we present you with Bill McKibben’s Thought Bubble: The Fight of Our Time. Please share widely if you support Bill’s message, and visit for more info, and to join the movement.

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