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On 14, Jan 2009 | No Comments | In | By Suzanna

Thought Bubble: John Green

[This version has sound design and music composition by Allan Levy; view the original here.]

In 2009, we came across a Vlogbrothers video in which John Green summarized the healthcare debate that was raging in the news and media. We decided to turn it into a Thought Bubble.

There is always a topic that resonates with a large audience for a given period of time. Where we are–in North America–the hot topic is healthcare. More so in the US than in Canada (though Canadians, as usual, take a huge interest in American politics too), everyone’s talking about healthcare reform. One of the easiest ways to achieve viral status with a motion graphic short–or any other type of media for that matter–is to cover such a hot, current topic in some interesting way that will capture people’s attention. But it’s not just about going viral. Looking around at some of the main media sources reporting on the topic, we see a barrage of overwhelming, conflicting and confusing information.

It’s when the facts are presented in a clear and understandable way, that things begin to make sense, and people begin to make informed opinions.

John Green, an award-winning author and popular vlogger on Youtube, posted a video last week entitled, “Health Care Overhaul Summarized Via Massive Pig.” In under two weeks his post made it to over 700,000 views, which goes to show that people surfing YouTube or hitting Google with searches were looking for some information on the healthcare debate. It also helps that John and co-vlogger Hank have over 100,000 subscribers to their channel, ‘vlogbrothers’, ranking it as #46 most subscribed directors channel of all time. (For those of you that don’t know, YouTube channels follow a few different formats including Director, Reporter, and Musician. You choose yours based on the nature of your channel and video posts).

So we came across John’s health care post, and were intrigued by his clear, concise, yet entertaining narration. We also loved his comparison of America’s current state of healthcare to ‘Walkin’ Tall’, the ‘world’s largest boar who can’t walk.’ We also felt it would be a great experiment to take an existing video and supplement it with motion graphics to see the kind of response it would generate among its audience. Being a prominent vlogger, we hoped that some of John’s viewers would watch our video after his and see if it confused or clarified their understanding of his original discussion.

What was also exciting about this task was that it exemplified how we could supplement any existing, informative discussion on a relevant matter like the healthcare debate with a layer of supporting visuals.

So far, it appears to be helping people understand and retain the information presented. We were lucky to come across John and Hank’s channel, and look forward to offering other online voices, authors, and educators an added dimension of communication.

A week and a half after his post, we present you with our adaption of John Green’s Health Care Overhaul Summarized Via Massive Pig.

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