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On 17, May 2016 | No Comments | In | By Julia Nadeau

Singularity University Digital Executive Program

We created this teaser to introduce the Digital Executive Program from Singularity University, a course for which we provided extensive illustration and animation, totaling over 7 hours of content.

Visit Singularity University’s website to learn more.

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By Julia Nadeau

On 23, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In | By Julia Nadeau

I Love Science with Hank Green and Emerson

This Emerson video invites you to join Hank Green here to see how science makes awesomely sweet stuff possible.

On 22, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In | By Julia Nadeau

IsraelPalestine for Critical Thinkers

IsraelPalestine For Critical Thinkers is an educational series devoted to an open-ended discussion and analyses of the context and history of the modern-day issues facing the region. Its intent is to inform audiences and create a space for critical thinkers to engage in enlightened discussions. The series host Richard Bass takes the audience through the story of this land and its peoples—a story now 4,000 years old.

Check out all nine episodes here on YouTube.

On 14, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In | By Suzanna

A Very Special Pair of Boots (UNICEF)

In this latest piece with UNICEF, we tell the story of a pair of boots belonging to Nigel Fisher, president and CEO of UNICEF. Watch the amazing journey they’ve taken with him, and just a bit of what Nigel and UNICEF strive to contribute to communities in need around the world.

Find out more about Nigel’s Boots here, which were inducted into Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum this year.

Thought Bubble: David Suzuki Foundation

The Declaration of Interdependence was written by David Suzuki, Tara Cullis, Raffi Cavoukian, Wade Davis and Guujaaw back in 1992 for the United Nations’ Earth Summit.

It was published in 2010, accompanied with traditional Haida style art by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas. As a spirited call to action and “pledge to Planet Earth”, we created this video to show just how relevant this text still is today. We’re thrilled to have David Suzuki and his wife Tara Cullis, two of the foremost leaders of the environmental movement featured in this very special Thought Bubble.

Visit their website to see all the great work they do

On 13, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In | By Suzanna

Mozilla Webmakers: Kids

We’re excited to have teamed up with Mozilla Foundation–the creators of Firefox–once more. This time, to create a series describing Webmakers. Webmakers is a new Mozilla initiative that encourages increased web literacy among youth, instructors, educators, and creatives. Check out the Instructors installment here.